Technical SEO Facts for Beginners

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SEO is an awesome field. It is one of the emerging booming sectors of today’s world. People should have excellent problem-solving and critical thinking abilities in order to master in SEO field.

Here are some of the technical facts about SEO which will definitely help you in ranking your website better.

Robots.Txt Files Are Case-Sensitive and Must Be Placed in a Site’s Main Directory

Most of the crawlers search for a robots.txt file: in the sites main directory and if they fail to find it, they will simply assume that there is no such file. In order to remove the confusion make sure that the file should be named in all lower case alphabets (robots.txt).

Google Usually Checks for the Home Page First

Google always check for the home page first. If there are large number of links specifying towards a particular page within your site, then it will definitely cross verify the page.

Google Ranks Internal and External Links Differently

A third party link connected to a main site (others content or website) is ranked differently by Google.

Discard the Pages with No SEO Value

Pages which contain privacy policies, expired promotions or terms and conditions do not add value in the SEO effort and thus they do not help to rank the site. Hence, block them for a better result.

Load Time of the Page must be Maximum of 2-3 Seconds

According to Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, there should be a maximum of 2 to 3 seconds load time in order to get the best ranking result.

So these are the technical SEO facts that every beginner should keep in mind.

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